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Brian Stanchak

11 Jan

Different Perspective

Rob O'Driscoll (left) has been at James Madison with head coach Matt Brady (right) since 2008.

Rob O’Driscoll has had a tremendous amount of success as an Assistant Coach, and is primed to lead his own Division I program, it’s only a matter of time. O’Driscoll has been instrumental in rebuilding the basketball programs at JMU and Marist, and during his career, he has helped lead five teams to conference championships and five NCAA Tournament berths. 
O’Driscoll is in his eighth season as the Associate Head Coach/Recruiting Coordinator at James Madison University. When O’Driscoll arrived in Harrisonburg with Head Coach Matt Brady in 2008, the Dukes were coming off eight straight losing seasons. Since their arrival, JMU has had three 21-win seasons and earned four post season berths. The most memorable year was 2012-13 when JMU won the CAA Tournament Championship, resulting in the program’s first NCAA Tournament win in 30 years. 
O’Driscoll’s success has not only been limited to James Madison. He assisted Marist to the 2006-07 MAAC Regular Season Championship and Iona to two MAAC Tournament Championships and NCAA Tournament berths. His strong ability to recruit and develop players has resulted in 34 all-conference selections. 
What inspired you to become a college basketball coach? 
I love the game of basketball, coaching fuels my competitive drive, and coaching at the college level allows me to impact young men's lives in a positive manner. 
Who have been your mentors within the coaching profession? 
Steve Lappas, who I worked for at Villanova, taught me a lot about the business side of college basketball. Paul Hewitt is an outstanding coach with a great basketball mind. Jeff Ruland and Matt Brady have been outstanding bosses that know how to run great programs. 
What have been some important coaching lessons you’ve learned in helping rebuild both the Marist and James Madison programs? 
I think that the most important thing in rebuilding programs is getting players of high character. Also, getting to know your players on and off the court is paramount. It's easier for a player to go all-out on the court if he knows that you genuinely care about him as an individual, and not just a basketball player.
What is your ultimate goal within the coaching profession? 
I want to become a Division I Head Coach and lead that team to the NCAA Tournament. I would love to take over a program that hasn't been to the NCAA Tournament in a while and get that program back to the tournament. It's amazing what an NCAA Tournament berth will do for a college campus, student body, and community. It's an outstanding feeling.
How has your role as Associate Head Coach at James Madison better prepared you to lead your own program? 
At JMU, I've been fortunate to work for a great coach in Matt Brady, and for a great administration, led by our Athletic Director Jeff Bourne. In my role as Associate Head Coach, I've been fortunate to handle a variety of duties where, if I'm fortunate enough to have my own program, I'll have the hands-on knowledge and expertise to take over a program and know what needs to be done to achieve success.
What advice do you have for coaches who aspire to become a Division I Assistant Coach? 
It's important to be humble, network as much as possible, and always be able to accept a basketball opportunity that arises. Perseverance is also very important. College basketball coaching is very competitive, and it can be frustrating for coaches trying to break into the industry.

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Brian Stanchak

Brian D. Stanchak is the Founder of The BDS Agency, LLC. The BDS Agency exclusively advises, markets, and represents college basketball coaches. Prior to founding The BDS Agency, Brian spent four years as a collegiate Director of Athletics and 10 years as an assistant basketball coach at the NCAA Division I level, coaching at Seton Hall University, Fairleigh Dickinson University, and the University of Pennsylvania. He graduated from California University of PA in 2013 master’s degree in sport management studies, intercollegiate athletic administration and Seton Hall University in 2004 with a bachelor's degree in business administration, sport management.


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