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Sheila Mikailli

26 Jan

Meet Darius Gardner

American University senior Darius “Pee Wee” Gardner is making huge moves on the court for his team this season. His back-to-back buzzer beaters against Lehigh and Lafayette made national headlines last week - and that’s not the only time Pee Wee has come through big in the clutch for his team this month. CollegeInsider.com’s Sheila Mikailli catches up with Gardner in this edition of The Player’s Club.

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Sheila Mikailli
Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sheila Mikailli is a sports broadcasting personality with a fresh take on what sports media is all about. A basketball fan from a young age, she fell in love with the atmosphere and culture around the game. Realizing that many athletes’ talents and aspirations extend far beyond the court, she developed a passion for sharing stories and insights often untold through traditional media coverage. Whether a story is light and humorous, or heavy and heart-wrenching, her goal is always to inspire fans by connecting them to their favorite athletes in a real way.
As the host and producer of a new Youtube series, More Than Stats, and The Player’s Club on CollegeInsider.com, Sheila has interviewed top NBA, NCAA, and AAU players around the country. Her industry experience includes working with Comcast SportsNet, NBC Sports Radio, Jordan Brand, UCSB Athletics, NBA Samsung Summer League, TVSB, and more.

Keep up with Sheila and chat with her on Twitter @SheilaMikailli, on Instagram @Sheila_Mikailli and on Youtube at www.Youtube.com/SheilaMikailli.


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