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19 Jun

Off the Bounce:The NBA Draft

By now most NBA fans are familiar with Murray State’s Ja Morant, but there are plenty of other mid-major players that have a chance to play and star at the next level. Angela Lento takes a closer look at some players who will likely be drafted and others who will have a chance to make an NBA roster via the un-drafted route. 































































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Angela Lento
Angela was born and raised in Yonkers. The NYC girl graduated Dean’s List from Krissler Business Institute in 1993 and shortly thereafter was co-founder of CollegeInsider.com. Angela was a driving force in coaches paying tribute to legendary Mount St. Mary's coach Jim Phelan, with "Bow Tie" day on March 1, 2003. In the fall of 2005, Angela and former Virginia Tech head coach Seth Greenberg organized All Coaches Care, which helped raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina. A mother of two (ages 21 and 28) Angela is avid boxing fan. She loves to cook, take swings at the batting cages and a good cup of coffee.  Her favorite quotes are "There is more caffeine in a poorly officiated game than you will find in a good cup of coffee" and "Every day is good day to shop for shoes."

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