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07 Feb

The Corner 3 - Star Power

Brian Mull takes a look at red-hot Middle Tennessee, which is trying to take control of the race in Conference USA. Plus a look at FIU’s Brian Beard and the Panthers miraculous win, St. Bonaventure’s Matt Mobley and Boise State’s Chandler Hutchinson.



































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Brian Mull

Brian grew up on the east end of Tobacco Road in North Carolina. He watched Michael Jordan of Laney High play basketball, caddied on the PGA Tour and has written about college basketball for two decades. He lives in Wilmington, NC with his two young daughters and lovely wife, who keep him busy and pull for teams based on their colors and mascots. Brian also can be found at a good concert, anyone from Jason Isbell or Bob Dylan to Government Mule and Widespread Panic. He also pursues barbecue cooked on wood, strong coffee and efficient offense. If not lining up a birdie putt, Brian is probably cooking a good meal, reading interesting words or watching a halfcourt set that ends in a layup.


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