Reasons Why Americans are so Crazy about March Madness

Reasons why Americans are so crazy about March Madness

Americans are crazy when it comes to the March Madness. College students miss their studies to watch a basketball game. Office-employees skip their work and risk offending their superiors for enjoying a game of their favourite team. While passionate basketball fans even go for Indiana sports betting bonuses to make their watching experience more fun and exciting.

Number of Teams
An incredible 68 teams play in the March Madness every year. This is a huge number and there is not any other American sports league that could boast having so many contestants. You will not have to watch the same teams compete with each other again and again, rather you can enjoy matches between many different parties.
Although it does not mean that you will always get to see competitive matches, you can at least enjoy plenty of variety.

As a viewer, you will have a lot of options. With 48 games being played in just about four days, you will get overwhelmed with so many exciting contests. No other sports league will provide you with that many options for fun and entertainment.
Of course, March Madness fans will never miss the matches of their favourite teams, but if they find a less competitive match between two other teams then they can always switch the channel to find a more exhilarating contest.

In any elite sports league, you will not always find the two best teams competing with each other in the championship round. Rather you will only see the matchups between the best of each conference.
This is not the case in March Madness where they do random groupings. This means that any team from the Atlantic 10 conference could start by playing against another from any conference and still end up facing a team from his own conference for the national championship. 

The month of March is all about March Madness. If there were no such sporting event, then what would we all remember this month for? There is not a lot of sporting action this month and the March Madness fills that gap by providing some of the most exciting basketball contests.
The Super Bowl is a hugely anticipated event in the American sporting calendar, but there comes a long interval between the Super Bowl and the start of the NHL and NBA playoffs. This is the time when college basketball makes its appearance and provides a great deal of fun and entertainment to the sports craving people.