Who are the Top Ranking Female National Basketball Teams?

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FIBA, or the International Basketball Association, ranks the national basketball teams of both men and women, and in this article, we will take a look at the top ranking female national basketball teams.

The United States

Predictably, the top ranking team is the team of the country where the sport originated. The United States female national basketball team far outranks the rest, with over 800 points (almost 200 more than the second ranked team). The USA female national basketball team has won ten World Cup titles, including the three most recent World Cup games, and in 2016, they were named Team of the Year for the sixth time (a record in female national basketball).

The team has competed in the Olympics, and they’ve won several gold medals, as well as a silver and bronze medal. They have, without a doubt, earned their ranking of number one.


With 685 points, the Spanish female national team is the 2nd highest ranked team in the world, and the highest ranking European female national basketball team. The Spanish female national basketball team is one of the most successful national basketball teams of all time. They’ve competed in the Olympics, where they have won the silver medal, they have won 4 EuroBasket Women gold medals, and hold an overall total of 5 gold medals, 3 silver, and 10 bronze medals. As of 2022, they are the bronze medalists of the World Cup.


The Australian women’s national basketball team are ranked third on FIBA’s official rankings of female national basketball teams. The team carries the nickname Opals, and they have had a long, and illustrious career. The team has won several gold medals, including the 2006 World Championship gold medal. The team has also won 5 Olympic medals, three of which have been silver and two of which have been bronze.

Australia’s star player, Liz Cambage, recently left the team. Following her departure, Sandy Brondello, who has been the Opals’ long-time coach, stated that the team is more united than ever. This shift in the team dynamics has left many fans excited and some nervous as to the team’s future.