NCAAB Top Contenders For Championship

College basketball has 363 Division I teams. This year, just 68 of them will be selected for the NCAA Tournament competition. Each year, the top seeds are made public by the NCAA Tournament selection committee. If you are considering what your NCAAB odds should be this season, then you need to be aware of the top seeds. 

If we are being honest, just a small portion of those 68 are serious competitors deserving of the championship. However, it is vital to see who is considered as the top contenders for the championship this year.

Read on to see who are the NCAAB top contenders for the championship this year. 


In 24 of the last 37 competitions since the NCAA Tournament's expansion in 1985, a No. 1 seed has taken home the title. Purdue, who is currently the most likely candidate for the No. 1 overall seed, fits the bill for a team that can triumph and take this title.

Zach Edey, the Player of the Year front-runner and a towering 7 feet and 4 inches tall, is a matchup nightmare. Matt Painter, who is consistently underappreciated, might be the finest college basketball coach this season. 

The supporting ensemble, which includes Fletcher Loyer, Braden Smith, and Mason Gillis, blends intelligence, length, and depth nicely around Edey.


Marcus Carr is a blazing hot goalscorer who can light up any game, and Sir Jabari Rice is performing like a superstar. Few teams can boast the versatility of Timmy Allen, Tyrese Hunter, and Christian Bishop. Not to mention five-star newcomer Dillon Mitchell, who already has shown flashes of success and is likely the most gifted player in the country. 

This club has had four road victories in the Big 12 — the most difficult conference in sports — and has managed to stay competitive despite internal strife after Chris Beard's in-season dismissal. This is a truly resilient team to watch out for. 


Coach Mick Cronin is an expert in defense, and the UCLA club has accepted its destiny on that side of the court. They have done this by producing one of the most formidable groups in college basketball.

Due to the superior guard play of Jaime Jaquez Jr., Tyger Campbell, and Jaylen Clark. As well as the developing freshmen team of Amari Bailey and Adem Bona, the roster is strong enough to take home a significant victory.


The Blue Jays had extremely high expectations going into this season. One of the nation's most important players is center Ryan Kalkbrenner. Since his return, the Jays have won 11 of their last 14 games. The pressure he applies to the basket as a lob danger in pick-and-roll situations makes him a standout rim defender. Yet, his influence on Creighton's offense is also significant.

With three capable ball handlers on the team in Ryan Nembhard, Trey Alexander, and Baylor Scheierman, the Jays are also a well-rounded squad. Alexander shoots over 40% from beyond the arc, Scheierman is a challenging cover in pick-and-pops, and Nembhard has established himself as one of the better floor generals in the nation.

Keep an eye on all NCAAB news to see how this team is doing. 


Houston is the only squad in America to have both a top-10 offensive and top-10 defense in terms of adjusted efficiency. Furthermore, Houston plays with a strong, disciplined style that wears down a team throughout the game and has a good balance on both ends of the field. 

Marcus Sasser is a superstar veteran for the Cougars, and Jarace Walker is a fantastic one-and-done player. The roster is also rife with experience, thus there is a lot of promise. 


This team still possesses the tools necessary to retain its national title. 

Dajuan Harris has improved, giving Jalen Wilson and Gradey Dick, two strong shot-makers, a platform to work off of. The 6-foot-11 rookie Ernest Udeh Jr. will be a solid counterpoint to front court star KJ Adams despite his lack of size.

Hence, you could easily overlook this team, but on the quiet they have all the right tools necessary to become a true contender for the championship. 


Following surrendering 87 points to Oregon on January 14, the Wildcats' defense has tightened considerably.  It took this team some time to establish its identity, but they have really made their mark now that Kerr Kriisa, Courtney Ramey, Oumar Ballo, and Azuolas Tubelis have joined the deadly quartet. 

Tubelis is improving this team's postseason potential by playing like a top-three college basketball player.


Although this year's Alabama team lives to their reputation for being quick and deadly on offense. The team's capacity to dive into its defense is what actually makes them dangerous.

The Crimson Tide have the quickest offense in NCAA basketball. They have star freshman Brandon Miller on offense, and they rank first and second in 2-point and 3-point defense in terms of percentage allowed.


When it comes to the NCAAB championships, you need to keep an eye out for these contenders. All the teams we have mentioned above, have the best chances at the moment to take home the championship and title.