College prospects we will see in the NBA next season

The NBA 2022 Draft might not be until June 23, however it would be rather easy at this stage to suggest that there are a number of college prospects that we can guarantee will be drafted in the summer after performing incredibly well for the programs.

Of course, the Oklahoma City Thunder are set to have three first-round picks in this upcoming draft and it will be interesting to see where the franchise goes, although it really would not be a surprise if they were to use them on players which would allow them to rebuild for the future.

Those that enjoy
sports betting will be able to find a number of excellent odds available at Betway if they decided to take a punt on the college prospects that they believe will be drafted this summer, although, at this stage, it could be rather difficult to try and predict where a certain player ends up, especially as there is still some of the basketball season still left to play.

But, you can guarantee that there will be a number of the following individuals doing their thing in the NBA next season. Let’s take a look at some of those who everyone can expect to see representing a franchise on the court:

Jabari Smith Jr.

For many, Jabari Smith Jr. is the individual that is likely to be going as the number one overall pick as the Auburn player is regarded as the best shooting power forward currently in college basketball.

He has been able to average 43.3% from the 3-point range this season, whilst his footwork has caught the eye as he has the ability to move around the court effortlessly. Additionally, he has plenty of confidence which will likely stand him in good stead and provide him with the platform that could help him to thrive in the biggest moments.

Expect Smith Jr. to be the number one overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, and his sports betting odds once released at Betway will perhaps highlight that expectation, as well.

Chet Holmgren

Gonzaga Bulldogs centre, Chet Holmgren, is another college basketball player that we expect to see playing in the NBA next season. Indeed, we expect the player to be selected as one of the very first individuals, as the prospect is arguably one of the best around at the moment.

Holmgren has been dominant in the West Coast Conference and his all-around play has been impressive whilst on the court. His game appears to have been able to improve as the months pass by, with February perhaps showing just how good of a college basketball prospect he is.

A positive blend of confidence and intuition whilst on the court has certainly seen his stock rise recently and he will have plenty of interest come the summer.

Paolo Banchero

A freshman at Duke University, Paolo Banchero is a forward that many NBA scouts have continued to find impressive when he has been looked at closely. He has shown that he has some incredible ball skills, including his passing ability, whilst his development regarding 3-point shooting continues to show signs of improvement.

Another player we would expect to see be taken off the board with one of the very first picks.