Would NBA eventually move to change the age of draft eligibility? What could be the impact on college basketball?

According to reports to have been released, the NBA is considering changing its age of draft eligibility from 19 to 18. This would have a significant impact on college basketball, as many players would choose to go directly into the NBA draft instead of attending college.

While some people believe this would be beneficial for the players, others believe that it would harm the game of basketball. Let's take a look at how this could affect the sport going forward.

Arguments for the rule change

Those in favor of the change argue that it would give players the opportunity to begin their professional careers sooner. They would also be able to start earning a living and providing for themselves and their families. In addition, they would be able to avoid getting injured in college and potentially ruining their careers before they even began.

Some will even argue that it could make the NBA even more competitive in the future, as younger talent will come through the game earlier and have a number of years that they would not have had because they had to play in the college game.

Additionally, with sports betting on the rise in the US, there could be more punters looking for the best NBA betting sites to further enhance their wagering experiences. This could have a positive knock-on effect on the NBA as a whole, as more people could then be interested in watching the sport and following it closely.

The rule change is also considered detrimental

However, there are also many people who believe that this change would be detrimental to both the players and the game of basketball. They argue that most players are not ready for the rigors of the NBA at such a young age. They need time to physically and mentally mature before they can compete against men who are much bigger and stronger than them. 

In addition, college basketball would take a major hit if the NBA changes its age eligibility requirements. Many of the best players in the country would choose to go straight into the NBA, leaving colleges with inferior talent. This could lead to less competitive games and a decline in interest in college basketball overall. 

Many of these programs rely on top recruits to come in and help them win games, which in turn helps to generate revenue through ticket sales and merchandise. If more and more players choose to go pro instead of attending college, it could put a strain on these programs financially. In addition, it could also make it more difficult for programs to compete at the highest level if they are not able to attract the best talent. 


It remains to be seen whether or not the NBA will change its age of draft eligibility requirements despite the reports appear to suggest it looks very likely. However, if it does, it could have a major impact on college basketball as we know it today.