NCAAB Team: Texas Longhorns

The Texas Longhorns have always been a great team. Although they might not win every tournament, they are up there with the big dogs, ready to fight it until the end.

For our predictions on the Longhorns, we need to look into the past to understand the future.

First, we will dive into common predictions in late October, how they stacked up with reality and how we can learn from our past thoughts.

All of this information can help us understand how the Texas Longhorns marry up to the March Madness Odds.


2021-2022 Revision

In the 2021 to 2022 games, the Longhorns were at the top. They finished in 4th place within the Big 12. They ended the NCAA Tournament in the second round after their match against Purdue.

The first time the team had ever received a 20-win season was in the 2018-2019 season. The team was in its top form, so many people predicted they would blast through the 2021- 2022 seasons.

Of course, these predictions didn’t go to plan as Texas finished the season in 12th position. 


Late October’s Predictions

Having seen how the games actually ended, the late October predictions were more humble. For Texas to finish in the top 10, they needed to focus on their offensive strategies. Their defense moves were strong, but if they cannot score, then what's the point?

Learning from the past, the team was told to hold onto their best players and prevent them from heading to the NBA or swapping teams without first putting real training into a replacement.

Tre Mitchell and Jaylon Tyson were devastating blows during last season, and because Texas wasn’t prepared for their departure, they didn’t have enough time to recover and strategize.

This was a mistake that they shouldn’t repeat again.


Texas Vs. Stanford Predictions

Texas was matched up against Stanford on the 18th of December. Texas beat their opponent 72 to 62 for an outstanding win. But how did the game match up with the predictions?

Texas was hoping to extend their winning streak (which they did) to win 3 games in a row.

In their previous game against the Rice Owls, the win was slim but well earned - 87 to 81. However, they hoped to flatten these underdogs. The slim win was predicted to shake up the team, as Senior Guard Marcus Carr couldn’t hold up against the Rice newbies.

Another spanner in the works came from Chris Beard. Texas’ coach was suspended after being arrested for assault on a family member.

With an easy win barely in their hands and their coach out for the count, Texas was predicted to be unsteady.

Still, on paper, the Longhorns were meant to outperform Stanford by a mile. Because they won in the end, this shows us that the team is hard to shake up. This is a great sign for the next game.


Predictions Vs. Reality

So far the predictions of the Texas Longhorns show that talent is on the team’s side. They have the skills and the power to create powerful plays on paper. However, moving players around and shifting coaches out of sight is the main threat to the team.

Removing Chris Beard didn’t seem to affect the players that much. Instead, losing dominant teammates was the real Achilles heel in their plans.

Knowing how the past has come to be, this top-tier team should hold strong if their main strategies. Injuries, trades, and forced benches for the NBA will be the downfall of the Longhorns.


Next Match Is Texas Vs Louisiana

Although the Texas Longhorns are strong against underdogs, that doesn’t mean they will automatically take down other hot teams. Up against the Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns, the Longhorns will be fighting to keep their 3-game winning streak, against a team with a 5-game winning streak.

The Texas spread is currently 4-6-0, while Louisiana is 4-4-0. This means that Texas is predicted to win, but not by much.

As we said before, the players are the key to Texas winning. This means we need to keep an eye on Timmy Allen and Tyrese Hunter.

Allen has a rebound average of 6 per game, for 9.3 points and 4.1 assists.

Tyrese Hunter has an even stronger stat history with 12.3 points per game on average, with a stable 4 rebounds and 2.6 assists.

Together their point power is strong, but they will be up against Jordan Brown and Terence Lewis.

Brown has been scoring an average of 19.6 points per game with 6.9 rebounds per game too. 

Lewis has even higher stats, leading the whole court with 13.8 points per game and 9.2 rebounds.


Prediction For the Match

Currently, the stats suggest that Texas should win against Louisiana by 82 to 64. However, the player matchups don’t follow this same prediction.

Brown and Lewis both outperform Allen and Hunter.

Looking back at our gathered data, we know that the team needs to be strong together in their group without last-minute changes. If you see a player has been benched due to injury or saving strength, then you know this is a hint that Texas will not win.

The game will be a lot closer than the odds suggest, as the talent is on Louisiana's side.


Prediction For March Madness

As it currently stands, the Texas Longhorns have a chance to make it to the end. Fanduel currently has them on +1,700, putting them in joint 4th place in predictions.

However, the game against Louisiana could change everything.

Someone will break their winning streak, and that change will affect the player's morale. Texas is greatly affected by morale in general, and so if they fail this could have a knock on effect to their whole tournament plan. Know more about the latest predictions about the Texas Longhorns in March Madness news.


The Texas Longhorns have gone through a lot this season already, which means the team is likely to falter through low morale. 

However, if the players stay away from injury they should continue to maintain their winning streak. Although most are predicting Texas to win against Louisiana, we aren’t so sure.