3 most memorable moments in Final Four history

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 1- Jim Valvano's celebration
If you love an underdog story, then you can't find a better one than NC State's 1983 Championship victory. Their victory over Houston in the National Championship game is probably the most dramatic and memorable moment in the history of college basketball.
 The manner of their triumph and the subsequent celebration of their coach made it one of the best moments of all time. Their opponents Houston Cougars were heavily favored before the game and till the half-time, the game was going according to the general expectation. The Cougars were in the ascendency and controlling the game well.
 However, NC State rallied in the second half and tied the game at 52-52 in the last stages of the game. That's when Lorenzo Charles popped up an amazing slam dunk to get the winning points for his team. This moment of victory sparked head coach Jim Valvano to run onto the court looking for someone to hug.
 2- Villanova defeated Georgetown
College basketball is full of Cinderella stories but perhaps no story was as memorable and surprising as that of the 1985 Villanova Wildcats. They shocked the world by making it to the final game and then immortalized their name in college basketball forever by defeating the top favorite and defending national champion Georgetown.
 Along the way, Villanova ended the pride of many top-seeded teams and registered many memorable victories. They outclassed the powerful teams of Michigan, Maryland and North Carolina to reach the Final Four. Even the number 2 seed Memphis State couldn't deter them from their winning path and lost the game. 
 During the regular season, the Georgetown Hoyas had beaten the Wildcats twice, so they seemed to have the edge. For winning the game, Villanova needed to play a near-perfect game and they did to pull off one of the most spectacular feats. The Wildcats have lifted two more national titles, but this was perhaps their most memorable triumph.
 3- Kris Jenkins' buzzer-beater
North Carolina and Villanova provided an excellent display of basketball in the 2016 Championship game. North Carolina made a spirited comeback by overcoming a 10-point deficit in the last minutes of the game to tie the score 74-74. And with less than 5 seconds remaining, Kris Jenkins performed one of the most memorable feats by grabbing a 3-pointer to win the second title for Villanova Wildcats.