3 most memorable moments in the history of NCAA March Madness

3 most memorable moments in the history of NCAA March Madness

The NCAA March Madness is one of the most exciting sporting events in the US. After the Super Bowl, it is considered as the second most popular sporting event among gamblers. You can go to Fanduel sportsbook review and then you will know the reason for its popularity yourself.

1- Kevin inspired Louisville:

The University of Louisville guard Kevin Ware suffered a very bad injury while playing against Duke in an Elite 8 game. Kevin suffered an open fracture in his right leg when he was trying to block a shot. At the time when all the players and coaches were visibly shaken at the sight of his gruesome injury, Ware was repeatedly saying, "I am fine, just win the game."

His team just did that and defeated Duke 85-63. Later, many NBA star players like Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James showed their support for him through Twitter. The dedication and commitment of Kevin inspired his team to victory in the Final Four in Atlanta where they won the championship. Ware had also traveled with his teammates for that game in order to cheer them on.

2- 1983 NCAA Tournament final:

There couldn't be a more memorable moment than the ending of the 1983 NCAA tournament final. Houston Cougars were considered as favorites to win the championship when they faced NC State in the final. However, NC State registered a shock victory to lift their second national title.

The first half belonged to NC State as they led 33-25 by the interval. The Cougars responded well in the second half and took the lead by 42-35. However, NC State made a comeback to tie the game at 52. That's when Lorenzo Charles came up with that decisive slam dunk with just 2 seconds remaining in the game. At that moment, the reaction of head coach Jim Valvano was quite something to behold; he was running around the court looking for a player to hug. Both Charles's dunk and then Valvano's manner of celebration is considered as one of the most memorable moments in the history of the NCAA Tournament.

3- Chris Webber's time-out error:

Chris Webber along with Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Ray Jackson, and Jimmy King was known as the Fab Five and became immensely popular at that time. They twice took the University of Michigan to the NCAA Tournament final but both times they lost. The star player Chris Webber was more culpable for the defeat in the 1993 NCAA final.

The sad part about all this was that Chris Webber had contributed a great deal to make this a very close game against North Carolina. However, he became the cause of his team's defeat as well when they were trailing 73-71 in the dying seconds of the game. At that moment, he tried to call for a timeout when Michigan had none remaining. This resulted in a technical foul and hence Michigan lost the second consecutive NCAA Tournament final. Chris Webber went on to have a hugely successful career in the NBA, but he continued to receive ridicule for many years due to his time-out error.