4 Reasons Why NCAA Tournament in the Best

4 reasons why the March Madness is the best postseason in America
No other sports league is as exciting as the NCAA March Madness. A huge number of teams and a great variety of games will provide you a great spectacle of sports which will always be worth your time and effort. And if you want to further add some spice to your experience, then the betting option is always there. You can check out the Fanduel offerto explore this amazing world of sports betting which is becoming very popular among sports fans now.
 1- A great number of teams and a huge number of games
There are an incredible 68 teams who compete in the 'March Madness' every year. No other North American sports league can boast about having that many numbers of contestants. Having so many teams and many different matchups leaves a lot of room for drama. The fans can expect the games to be a lot more competitive and full of variety.
 People have the option to watch a lot of games without having to wait for a long time in between. Over the course of just 4 days, people can enjoy an amazing 48 games.
 2- Format
The format of the post-season is extremely exciting for the viewers. The teams can't afford any slip-ups and have to be near perfect to proceed to the later stages of the competition. This means that the viewer’s get to see only the most important and exciting games of the tournament.
 Since all the players know the importance of every game, they will try to bring their best in every single game, and so the viewers will always get a sporting spectacle worth their time and money.
 3- Every team has a chance
Unlike the other leagues, every team in the NCAA March Madness feel like they have a chance to go very far into the competition. And the recent history suggests that their hopes are not unrealistic.
 A most recent example is the Florida Gulf Coast who made it to the Sweet Sixteen in 2013. Before that, the VCU Rams reached the Final Four in 2011 and George Mason also made it to the Final Four in 2006.
 On the other hand, such kinds of surprising results are very rare in the NBA. The chances for a team lower than a 4 seed are extremely low. Only one team Houston Rockets achieved this improbable feat of becoming the 1995 NBA champions since the playoffs were expanded to 16 teams in 1984.
 4- Newfound Fandom
You will find that collegiate sports fans are much passionate and loud during the games. All these fans have their own favorite teams, however, they can easily end up cheering for or against another team they care about. This makes the March Madness games much more fun than the games in the other leagues.
 In the NBA, you will find it very hard to pick a side if your team couldn't make it to the playoffs. You won't feel any strong feelings about the remaining teams and so there will be no fun for you.