College Basketball Odds: Can the Kentucky Wildcats bounce back?

magine a white wall with a small black dot in the middle. If you stared at it, you would be able to focus on anything else but that little black dot. In the case of the Kentucky Wildcats, that black dot is more like a smudge; maybe even a handprint that pretty much ruined what was a perfect season. Poised by every single Sportsbook online to win it all, and go undefeated, the Wildcats put on some fantastic performances throughout the season. Their only loss against Wisconsin last season came when it hurt the most. How do you come back from that?

The Wildcats 2015-2016 season will be aimed to achieve what the great team they had the previous season, failed to obtain. However, their path to redemption will be a tough one. They will not have Cauley-Stein and Towns, who are now in the NBA. Besides their two stars, other five players are gone. Also, their recruiting this season did not have a surplus of five-star recruits. On paper, this off-season has weakened the team. But there are a lot of factors that could turn out as positives for them.

Even though the two (perhaps) best players in college basketball left the Wildcats for the NBA, Kentucky keeps a key factor for all that was achieved last season in coach John Calipari. His strategy and experience in getting the best out of his players will be the backbone for this upcoming College Basketball season. He is the main reason why the Wildcats will be view by many experts in the per head industry like as one of the teams that will make it to March Madness.

Their downside for this upcoming season might be their overall lack of depth; they no longer have dominant players at each position on the court. While, the overall talent of the team is quite good, there is a drop off in comparison to the monster squad they had last season. Also, judging from the roster the Wildcats currently have a weak 3-point game. Their perimeter shooting will not be one of their strong suits this coming season.

Yet it is far too early to make an educated prediction, we can speculate that the Wildcats will come out with the trademarked fighting spirit that Coach Calipari imprints on his teams. While the word ‘perfection’, might not be an adjective to describe their upcoming season, they will definitely be on the top spots in the Nation. However, their chances of reaching the Final Four are a bit slim, and it will show on the odds posted by the major pay per head bookmaking services.