Four biggest ‘Oops’ moments in college basketball history

We all remember the incredible comebacks and unforgettable performances. But just like the moments of brilliance make an impression, the players’ bloopers and blunders also have the same effect on all of us.

Below we have listed some of the bone-headed mistakes of players and coaches in the history of college basketball. You will find it interesting, but if you didn’t then here is another activity for your fun and entertainment. 

1- Adolph Rupp’s mistake

Adolph Rupp made a serious mistake when he was the head coach at the University of Kentucky. He excluded African-American players from the Wildcats program and that mistake came back to haunt him in 1966 when his team came up against the Texas Western team that featured five black players.

Against the heavily-favored Wildcats, the Miners gave a spectacular display and defeated them by 72-65. This victory helped to destroy all racial barriers in the college basketball world.

2- Bill Frieder’s decision

In 1989, head coach Bill Frieder led his team to a 24-7 regular-season record. However, he made a strange announcement just before the 1989 NCAA Tournament. He told athletic director Bo Schembechler that he would be leaving Michigan for Arizona State at the end of the campaign.

Schembechler, who was known for his great loyalty to the university, became angry at Frieder and famously said: "I don't want someone from Arizona State coaching the Michigan team. A Michigan man is going to coach Michigan."

He then handed the coaching responsibilities to assistant coach Steve Fisher who won them the NCAA tournament that year while Frieder remained at Arizona State for the next eight seasons where he managed to take his team to the Big Dance only twice.

3- Chris Webber’s timeout

Michigan Wolverine easily made it to the finals of the 1992 and 1993 NCAA Tournament finals. However, both times they could not win the tourney, resulting in a huge disappointment to their fans, especially in the 1993 edition when a stupid mistake from one of their players lost them the game.

Chris Webber, who was part of the famous Fab Five, tried to call a timeout in the ending stages of the game, even though the team had already used all of its timeouts. His mistake resulted in a technical foul that caused a humiliating defeat for Michigan.  

Although he went on to have a great career in the NBA, he will always be remembered for his stupid mistake for college basketball fans.

4- Gary McLain’s revelation

In a shocking revelation, Villanova’s Gary McLain disclosed in a cover story for Sports Illustrated in 1987 that he had been using drugs since junior high school. The player also said that he had used cocaine before his team’s Final Four win over Memphis State. McLain even went on to acknowledge that he was not the only Villanova player who was involved in such illicit activities.