The Positive Impact of College Insider on Post Season Basketball

In between NCAA and NIT, there is almost enough room to forget about the basketball post season, almost. Thankfully College Insider filled the gap just after all the games had dust settled on the winning titles.

CIT (College Insider Tournament) has been described as a vitally important season for mid and low major programs. There would be no post season if not for CIT and this could result in teams' underperformance as well as lack of training before the next seasons training begins. Many star athletes have been moulded during CIT and massive sportsbooks, like rely on the supporters for added.

Post season begins late in March and keeps teams warm enough to excel during the big seasons. Tea coaches have told the media that working with the CIT event coordinators has also been a positive thing and that it builds character for the teams. The College Insider Tournament caters for many institutions within the NCAA so organizing events brings a lot of attention to CIT, growing its reputation and importance.

The History of CIT

Having only begun in the recent year of 2009, one decade has shown immense growth fro a starting of 16 teams to a present number of 32 teams. Over the years of gradual growth, players have been seeing the vital value of playing post season.

After the NCAA season, the field is selected and bids are handed in. Teams are selected by default selection for teams win the regular-season championship but weren’t granted an NCAA invitation. Other teams are bid on by the NIT (National Invitation Tournament).

How It Works

The selected teams will play in what has been designed as a tournament just as presented with NCAA and NIT. Once the tournament has been completed, the finalists meet at the end of March to determine who the reigning champion is.

Teams to make the cut and play in the CIT are the ones who finish the season off with the best winning record. And if any other teams are willing enough, they are able to participate if they host one of the first two rounds at a generous price of course. These teams will need to pay almost $40k to play.

The fee is not what you might think it’s for, rather, it’s used to cover teams travelling costs. Some teams cannot afford these costs so the CIT matches players for similar regions and pays their travel costs for up to 22 players. The remainder of the fee paid also covers game officials, TV production and merchandise.

The schools to host the tournament are allowed to keep 100% of gate and parking fees to cover the fee paid and any sponsorship during this time is accepted to help alleviate costs. The hosts try to make the CIT as pleasant and giving as possible as it is about the teams playing and the fans attending. It’s about the fun and the necessity of playing for a worthy cause post season.