More Breaks, More Buzzer Beaters


Considering recent discussions about potential alterations to college basketball, some have proposed that the adoption of quarters, as well as the inclusion of the ability to advance the ball with a timeout late in the game, could prove beneficial.  I'm unsure why this seems like such a difficult decision.  

This seems to be a no brainer to me since it's already being done in the NBA and in women's basketball at the college level.  Despite the resistance from traditionalists, the implementation of such modifications could yield positive outcomes for men's college basketball.

Firstly, quarters could effectively introduce additional intervals of rest and recuperation, thus affording more opportunities to re-evaluate strategy and adjust tactics. This in turn could promote shifts in momentum, allow for more comebacks, and potentially result in higher scoring games. By infusing more breaks into the action, contests could become more exciting and less monotonous.

Regarding the other issue, integrating the ability to advance the ball with a timeout late in the game would instill an element of urgency and drama in the final moments of closely contested games. 

As seen in the NBA, teams are able to move the ball to the front court after a timeout in the final two minutes of the fourth quarter or overtime, thereby increasing the likelihood of exciting finishes, game-winning shots, and/or turnovers. By introducing this feature to college basketball, the game could be elevated in terms of excitement and viewership. 

These rules should be changed TODAY.  I haven't seen a compelling argument aside from arguments that remind me of the old Bruce Hornsby song – "That's just the way it is, some things will never change" – But, for every Christian Laettner miracle there are 100 long passes that result in no shot attempt.  

The American public loves buzzer beaters, and perhaps the time has come to give them more of what they want by embracing these potential changes.